Crest Hill Christian (CHC) School

Lockport | IL
4th & 5th Grades
We have had so much fun learning about God's world this year - and it's not over yet!

We attended the same elementary ART FAIR that the Second Graders did this year on March 13th, 2013. Each one of us earned either a FIRST PLACE or SECOND PLACE  GRAND PRIZE ribbon out of all of the students that entered for our grades. We were so proud of the gifts that God gave us and are thankful for the way God inspired us to work hard to acheive.

Our spelling and vocabulary words are directly linked to our reading of content material in Science and Social Studies and sometimes math. This has been a great way to comprehend the reading material in the various subjects and therefore enrich our learning experience in these areas. Some words include: anemometer, climate vs. weather, ocean basin, trench, continental divide, etc. This year we have instituted what we call "WORD BANKS" which are  recipe card holders with alphabetical dividers. Each word has an "entry", which is a recipe card with the name of the word on it, the part of speech (noun, verb, adverb, adjective, etc.), the definition of the word and a sentence with the word that reflects the meaning of the word on the recipe card. We get to practice the words, know the meanings, and know how to apply them in  sentences which reflect the meanings of the words. We then read the material in the various subjects and we understand our readings so much better!

We are learning about FRACTIONS in MATH class as of late. We are understanding how to make equivalent fractions, compare and order them as well as match them up to amounts and how to make equivalent fractions in lowest terms. We will be expanding that to add/subtract/multiply/divide fractions and convert mixed fractions to irregular fractions and vice-versa. Geometry will be the next topic. We love it! 


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