Crest Hill Christian (CHC) School

Lockport | IL
Grades 1 & 2
Hello, everyone! 

A few highlights of what we're learning this quarter:

EARTH SCIENCE:   We are learning about our solar system. We have learned the order of the planets from the Sun and have learned about Earth's rotation as well as its orbit. We have learned of what substances the Sun is made. We can give you an idea of their comparable sizes. Students can also let you know what pictures of the planets look like, and that they have different amounts of moons. We have been amazed with the size of the sun, it's size in comparison with the planets. We have also checked online for our research of this information and have seen pictures of our solar system which includes the stars that our God has breathed out of His very mouth! We are amazed with His power!

First and Second grades have different SPELLING words; as a matter of a fact, even students within each grade may have different leveled words depending on what they are capable of spelling. We believe on "teaching up".
For example, some First Grade words are: helicopter, elephant, where, why, come, funny, guess,...
Some Second Grade words are: Wednesday, fortunate, churches, cabinet, liberties,...

We are involved in WRITER'S WORKSHOP and have been writing our own books. Some of us have written and illustrated 3 to 4 books by the beginning of the fourth quarter.

Second Graders have attended an ART FAIR. We both earned ribbons. We worked hard in order to proudly attend and present our artwork

There are, of course, many other exciting things to learn about our God's World - we are not yet done!


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