Crest Hill Christian (CHC) School

Lockport | IL
Memories -- Thanksgiving 2007
 Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

CHC family had their annual thanksgiving brunch on Tuesday, Nov. 20 at the gym. The students, teachers and parents prepared and brought great food to share for everybody.

Students traced their hands on fall-colored papers and wrote what and why they are thankful.  After cutting them, the teachers put the hands on the bulletin board like leaves of a colorful tree during the beautiful fall season.

Indeed, there's a lot to be thankful for.  Calamities and troubles are all around, but God's guiding hands are ever-present to embrace us. He is there all the time.

Happy thanksgiving to all!

Here we are.....
Grades 2-4 : Acrostic

 Pre-K & K : Song Interpretation

Upper Grades- at the table...while waiting to get in-line for food!

We're all thankful for our school family...CHC!