Crest Hill Christian (CHC) School

Lockport | IL
Young Channels


YC Christmas Presentation:
A Reason to Rejoice!

December 13, 2008

YC Singing "Christmas is a Time to Love".

All of the earth and all of heaven rejoice
Singing rejoice!
Shout for joy, heaven and earth....
Celebrate the Savior's birth!

Christmas 2005

Young Channels....
is the official name for CHC School choir.

The Young Channels auditioned for a part in the up-coming 10 Commandments Day Celebration on May 5 at Arie Crown Theater in Chicago. There were about 48 musicians who participated in the talent search held at the huge SDA Hispanic Church in Chicago. It was sponsored by 3ABN. The YC members with their parents and teachers came from Bolingbrook Church on that Sabbath day. That was a busy day, but everyone was still happy to lift their voices in singing for Jesus. They sang the song "Let the People Know" and went home happy to be a part of the event.
After a week, Mrs. Matthews received a call from the 3ABN staff who told her that the Young Channels will be singing for another special occasion. 
Praise the Lord! Indeed, these kids are witnesses for Christ.

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