Tuition Information and Fees


 Tuition Rates for 2014-2015

Registration Fees

Grades 1-8 — $280.00
Grades 1-8 Illinois Action Supported Tuition Rates — Table #1 -- Disounted Rates *

Student # 1                Student #2            Student # 3                   Any Additional Student
$330.00                     $ 290.00                $230.00                         $230.00

Grades 1-8 Non Illinois Action Supported Tuition Rates — Table #2 -- Discounted Rates *

Student #1               Student #2            Student#3            Any Additional Student
$360.00                      $330.00                $290.00                      $290.00

During this trying economy, the Crest Hill Christian School Board understands the financial challenges we all are experiencing and has voted to maintain tuition as low as possible.  There has been no increase on our  program from last year.  

* The above discounted rates will again be available during the 2014-2015 school term.  To be eligible for the monthly discount, your account must remain current—that your tuition be paid on or before the tenth of each month so that it can then be forwarded on to the Illinois  Conference on time.   If tuition is not paid on time, an increase of $30.00 must be applied per child as our charge to the Illinois Conference also increases if not paid to them on time.   Tuition may be paid to the school treasurer.  
We are able to keep tuition in check  because we are a church supported school.  Members of the Joliet Seventh-day Adventist Church give to the school, some sacrificially,  and are active fundraisers.   School maintenance is provided by church members and school parents who volunteer of their time and means.  Also, we receive  support from the Illinois Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Department of Education.  Then, we are also part of a larger system — the Lake Union SDA Department of Education located in Berrien Springs, Michigan and the SDA North American Division, Department of Education, in Washington, D. C.






Before and after school care available
2 days per week
3 days per week
5 days per week
Half Day — 8:15 to 12:00
Full Day — 8:15 to 3:30